What are the advantages of open office space?

What are the advantages of open office space?

Better Communication

For a place to have a good flow of creativity, you need the employees to interact with each other. A good work space incorporates both the effective communicative skills of their workers and their individual skills. A work place requires for the people to know each other’s strengths so they can collaborate better on projects.

Having an open space in an office gives the co-workers a chance to know each other a bit better than they would have if they were in enclosed spaces. Also, with no closed doors and walls, the barrier between a lower level employee and a higher level executive reduces. If the executives know their people much better, they can help their corporation grow.

Good business

When you have an open space in an office, you spend less on equipment such as partitioned desks for each person and since partitions tend to take up more space, cooling and heating needs in the office take up a lot of cost too. Your employees can also enjoy communal areas for needs such as printing and copying, this takes up lesser resources for individual printers for different departments.

Open working spaces also create better chances of ideas to flow and  expand, and create newer opportunities for the company, as the employees will be constantly discussing their ideas with different departments.

It feels good

Closed space offices tend to make the work space look small and cramped and people have trouble walking around just to get up for a drink of water. When you have open space, it looks more comfortable.  It requires less space, so there is enough room to walk freely from one spot to the other.

The new generation

If your company tends to hire younger people to work, having an open space e is a better idea as most of the new companies that work for IT are adapting to this format.

This is because the new generation has acquired a tolerance for open spaces and sharing. With apps and social media integrating, sharing content and ideas, people tend to work in similar spaces.

It gives room for better interiors

With open space offices, you can really have your office looking amazing. Due to the fact that there is more room, you can incorporate the philosophy of your company to have it look synonymous with what you do. The YouTube offices did something amazing in their building. Instead of having stairs to come down, they installed slides so that people can come down easily and quicker.

This was both economical and the employees loved it. The whole world loved it as the news started spreading like wildfire. It was also synonymous with what YouTube did. They have numerous videos of people sliding and having a very awkward or funny moment.

Open space offices are the way to go in this age. It promotes unity, sharing of ideas and possibilities to grow your company faster. If you are constructing a new office where you want work and have fun at the same time, try this format instead. 

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